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Hey guys!

So I've been thinking for awhile, I want to open up commissions, but I dont want to waist my time opening a paypal if nobody's going to want one, so I want to check in with everyone, do you guys want to buy commissions from me?

Here's my current pricing;

Non-Expansion-related art (AKA "Normal" art, which goes to :iconsamuraibry: )
Sketch: $5
Lineart: $10
color: $15 (this is both with and without shading, so please let me know which you want)

Expansion Art (Mostly Weight Gain, art stays here on :iconsumoniansamurai: )
Sketch: $10
Lineart: $20
Color: $25 (again, both with and without shading, let me know what your preference is)

Additonal Characters; $2.50
"Normal Art" character limit; 4
Expansion Character limit; 2
NOTICE: Any character sized at "Immobile" or bigger, will count as 2 characters instead of one. However, you will not be charged the additional $2.50 for them. This is done because drawing more then one immobile character at a time is difficult.

How it will work;

*When commissions open up, you may send me a note over on :iconsamuraibry: to discuss the Commission in question. Don't worry if you want an Expansion Commission, if it follows the rules, it will be accepted. Any notes sent to :iconsumoniansamurai: may end up ignored. Not on purpose, but because I don't use this account for communication

*After we have settled on your commission, and we are both at an agreement, I will take your pay for the commission.

*There will be a small maximum of 3-5 commission slots at one time. You may only occupy one slot, but unless your picture has more then 2 characters, you may ask for 2 pictures per slot.

*Commissions will be done at my own pace. You may note me every once in awhile on the progress of the commission, but please do not spam me with notes asking "is it done yet?" over and over.

*If the commission does not come out how you wanted (like if I messed up the size of a character or the hairstyle) I am willing to redraw it. However, with Lineart and Color commissions, after the 2nd redraw, any additional ones will cost you $3.00. Sketches can be redrawn 5 times, and redraws after that will cost $2.00, but we shouldn't need to go that far.

*All Commissions MUST COME WITH A PICTORAL REFERENCE. If its a character concept, please provide as many pictures as you can, leave no detail untold.

Some questions you may have (Feel free to ask some more in the comments);

Q: What are you willing to draw?
I'm willing to draw normal character art, as well as Weight Gain of both Males and Females. Females I will also attempt Breast and Butt expansion.

Q: what won't you draw?
I will not draw, and refuse your commission if it contains the following;
*Mechs/Giant Robots: I have little to no practice with these, I need more before I can accept these for commissions. (even though I'm well aware that Chicks Dig Giant Robots.)

*Nudity: unless I say I'll take it, Nudity will not be accepted.

*Vore: I don't care for Vore, simple as that. Nothing against those who do.

*Fat Furries: I WILL draw normal furries, I will NOT expand them until I have more practice. Also, when I DO take Fat Furry commissions, please note that I don't accept Sonic The Hedgehog style characters for expansion

*Characters that don't normally have a human body(Like Bomb-ombs or Kirby) WITH a human body.

*Inflation: Water, Fruit, Air, etc, it won't be done.

*Popping/Exploding: Whatever you call it, I won't do it.

*HEAVY BLOOD AND GORE: this should be self-explanatory, this is also part of the reason I don't do Inflation, popping, exploding, all that jazz.

*Real-World people UNLESS they give their full permission for me to do so. This also counts for characters based on real-world people (like...instead of Megan Fox, Meg Wolf. Lame I know but its just an example.)

Q: will there be an option for Points?
No, at least not now.

Q: I don't have a paypal account, is there any other way to commission you?
there will be no other methods ATM. However in the future I may accept codes for Club Nintendo, as well as pre-paied cards for Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam. But not for a while.

Q: I'm not sure about this thing I want in my commission, can I run it by you?
Sure! Ask away! if its not allowed or if it is, I'll let you know and add it to the list!

Q: Why are Expansion pics more expensive?

Q: will there be sales?
Yes, Sales will be random, but there will also be planned Holiday Sales. For Example, the month of October will have a discount on pictures of characters cosplaying as other characters, or a buy one get one free offer. I'm still working on the details.

Q: Will you still do requests?
Oh absolutely, but they will be VERY few and far between in order to keep people interested in Commissions. I still want to give those without paypals an option to get some art from me, plus its nice to give back to the fans and friends I've made from here ya know?

Thats about all I can think of now. PLEASE NOTE THAT COMMISSIONS ARE NOT OPEN JUST YET! If you are interested, please let me know via the comments, a note on :iconsamuraibry: or by just plain out giving the journal a :+fav: . If I see enough interest, then I'll open them up! if not...then nothing for a very long time (like getting art from me wise, I'll still be doing pics and whatnot.)

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Sup Guys? This is :iconsamuraibry:'s Weight Gain only account. yay!

If you wish to contact me for Art Trades or whatnot, please go to my main account of :iconsamuraibry: Even if its for Weight Gain or what not, let me know over there and we'll talk.

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